Nowadays, it is obvious, that more and more people would like to be slimmer that they are, and they are just start to use some diet tips. For a lot of people, it is important to look well, because they see film and music stars in television and magazines, so they want to look like them, so they decide to use diet tips. One of them is very popular cabbage diet, which is very popular especially amongst woman, because they can stand food without meat. Cabbage diet is easy, and everyone, who would like to use it, can do it. There is one simple rule in that kind of diet: you can eat every amount of food, but the only food what you can eat is cabbage soup. You have to cook it three times at the week, and you can eat it in every moment of the day or night. It is obvious, that this soup contains only healthy ingredients, like paprika, cabbage, of course, potatoes, onion, water, salt, pepper, ant few other ingredients. Of course you can not add here any fat or spice, because it would ruin all the plan of low calories soup.

How to make cabbage soup?

It is very easy to make cabbage soup, because we can not add any other ingredients to this soup, more we have in the recipe. Firstly, we have to boil whole cup of water, and when it will be boiling, we will add vegetables. Before that, we have to peel and chop our vegetables: cabbage, paprika, potatoes, onion. We should chop it in very small pieces, because it will make our soup even more tasty. Then we add it to the boiling water, and mix together. When the vegetables will be boiled and soft, we add some salt and pepper. As all we can see,, that kind of soup is really easy to do, so everyone, who would like to use cabbage diet tips, can make it and enjoy that taste and diet results.

How long  do we have to use cabbage diet?

It is not clear said, how long time period, we should use cabbage diet, because it depends how much we would like to loose on weight. If we are planning to loose some kilograms, we should eat cabbage soup, to the time, that we decide, that is enough for us. It is also depended by our taste – if we will fell, that eating only cabbage soup, is too boring for us, we can stop it, but then, we will not see that results, as we expect. It is also important what our stomach will request for our diet changes, because sometimes it is difficult to change every meal ingredients, and eat only cabbage soup (which contains only vegetables, water, pepper and salt).

Effects of that kind of diet

First results of cabbage diet, we will see after one week – we will be slimmer, but also we will fell a little bit weaker, what can make us angry. We will also feel more tired, because that kind of diet do not meet all expectations of our organism. Next effects will be better – slim body, no fat on hips and belly. But we must remember, that avoiding meat, may make our hair weak, and with loosing weight, we can loose some hair. As every kind of diet, this one could be good for us, but it also can be harmful, so we have to be aware.