Nowadays, more and more people start to use diet tips from newspapers, magazines, internet and many other media sources, beaus it is usually fashionable to use the same diet as well-known singer or actress (or maybe even top model, if we believe that models eat). It is good for many people, but for some others it is huge mistake in their eating lifestyles. Very famous last year is doctor Ducan diet. Why it is so popular? Because it brings effects very fast, but the longer we use it, the worse we feel. This kind of diet advices us, to stop eat fruits, vegetables and fat food. Why? Because the key to the slim body is eating only proteins, which are in eggs, milk, yoghurt, cream, chicken, turkey, fish, and many other products. It is not scaring for us when we look at it. But that kind of diet let us eat only this, what has proteins – without anything. Bread, potatoes, fruits, vegetables, and even some adds like salt or pepper are not good in this diet. We can eat only proteins, so only eggs, fishes and chickens, without a drop of olive oil or pince of pepper, salt or chilli.

Advantages of that kind of diet

Firstly, we have to say, that there is some advantages of that kind of diet, because when we use it, there is nothing very harmful for our body. But only when we use it in bad way, or too long, we can suffer some illness effects, because for long using, it is harmful for us. First pros of that doctor diet is that we can loose spare kilograms in very short time period. We need only few weeks, to loose near to twenty kilograms. Some people loose less, some even loose more. It seems to be crazy, but this is the fact about Ducan diet. Second advantage of that kind of diet is, that we can remove from our body all the toxins, fat and rest of bad things, which was in our body – if we eat only proteins, we remove from our organism fat, sugar and carbohydrates.

Disadvantages of Duncan’s diet

In then place there is end of the advantages, and there is a lot of room for disadvantages, which are (in our opinion of course) more important than just loosing on weight. First of disadvantages – of course the fact, that we need all the food ingredients in our everyday life: carbohydrates, proteins, fat and sugar, because it let us be healthy (and wealthy, what is obvious). We need all of this, because our organism organise a lot of important processes, as growing, resting, regenerating and many other, which are necessary to live. So it is obvious, that only proteins, will not give us enough amount of vitamins and minerals, so our body’s processes, could be worse or even can stop (from that place there is only step to serious health problem). Second huge disadvantage is the fact, that our organism is not ready to take a lot of proteins, so in the future, we will have problems with liver, stomach and kidneys, and it will be more important for our health, than a few kilograms, which we loose. To sum up, we would like to say, that this kind of diet, is not good, if you would like to loose some money, because our health is too valuable, so we should not loose it only for slim body (we also could loose some kilograms in other way).