Nowadays, more and more people, would like to have great body, thanks to more and more crazy methods. One of them is using tips from very weird diet, which is called “fat diet”. Why it is so called? Because main rule during using that kind of diet, is eating almost only fat things, without anything healthy and light. It is weird, because main bigger diet rules clearly said, that the most important is avoiding fat food. But in that kind of diet, it is very important to focus on only fat meals, but avoid things made with flavour, sugar and contains carbohydrates. So, if we are planning to use that diet, we should remember, that steak and fried meat and  will  be our best friends, but we just have to forget about bread, fruits, vegetables, sweets and many other products, which are necessary in everyday diet.

Main rules

First of all, we have to say, that main rule in fat diet is avoiding everything, what is healthy and do not contains fat. Why it is so important? Because, as author of that method said, when we are =eating only fat, our organism can handle with it, and we do not have to eat more. It is important, because during that diet, we are choosing only things which contains only fat and proteins, but sugar and carbohydrates (which are making us bigger and heavier) are away from our plates. So if we are eating only fat things, we do not have to worry about spare sugar and carbohydrates. It is hard to understand, but really, fatty products are less harmful (is some cases), than sweet one, sometimes. And if we would like to try new kind of diet, we should think about it and maybe consider it, because it is tempting offer for many people. Next main rule, is the way, that we are planning to prepare our meals. It is important, because we should not use any sweet ingredients, because it will be useless in our diet program. We should fry our meals in deep oil, and all of that food should be very fatty. For some people it could be disgusting to eat it, but a lot of people just do not care about it and eat.

Advantages of fat diet

Firstly, we have to admit, that fat diet brings effects early, but it is obvious, that we have to take care about our weight for a long time, to get better results. If we would like to change our weight for a long time, it will be very time consuming and hard to do, because, even when we will finish our diet plan, we will have to still take care about we eat. But it is obvious, that the main advantage of that kind of diets, are effects – slimmer body in a short time period.

Disadvantages of fat diet

As all we know, main amount of all the diets, have also disadvantages. And when we see it, we can clearly consider: is it for me, or I will just quit it? Sometimes it is hard to find some disadvantages on that, but for us, it is clear, that there is a few obvious cons. First of them, is the fact, that we will have to refuse all of the fruits and vegetables, and it will be harmful for us. Second disadvantage is, that our liver, stomach and kidneys, are not ready for the massive attack of fatty food, because it is used to get normal meals (connected proteins, carbohydrates, sugar and fat). To sum up, we have to say, that this is risky diet, but may bring effects early.