Nowadays, more and more women become to be interested in using every day some diet tips, which are made to help them loose some spare kilograms. Loosing on weights is important especially for women, who want to be good-looking, and be more confident and open for new people. With (even little) overweight, we feel often boring, not interesting for other people, and just dull and shy. Weight for some people could be very big problem, because there is more and more civilization illnesses, and we can suffer them, because overweight is often reason of health problems. So it is important for some people to use some diet tips, because it is easy way to keep our body fit and look and feel well.

For who is that diet?

That diet is great for people, who are sitting at work and do not have hard work. Why? Because only one thousands calories will not give then enough energy, so they could be tired and weak during that diet in their work. It is obvious, that this kind of diet is in some aspects unhealthy, because if we choose only one thousand calories from our menu, it will be clear, that there will be not enough place for some important ingredients as fat of sugar. And we also need it to be healthy and feel good and have enough energy for everyday duties. So if we are planning to use this diet tips,we could be more tired, sleepy and feel worse than at the beginning of the diet.

First results of the diet

Of course, firs effect of our new diet, will be hunger. We will be hungry, because it is not normal for our stomach, to receive only little amounts of food, so we will feel it at the beginning of our diet. Of course we can lie our stomach, by drinking a lot of water and tea, so it will not be empty all the time, but it is obvious, that will not be the same as the food. Next result of one thousand calories diet (and it will be pleaser than first effect) will be smaller weight of our body. It is connected with eating less food, because than, our body could use our overweight to work as always. So it by itself burn calories and spare fat from our belly, bottom and legs. For most of woman, it is the most problematic area of body – belly, hips and legs.

Who should not use this diet tips

There is a group of people, who should not use that kind of diet tips, because there will be more damage, than positive effects. As all we know, normal, adult woman should give to her organism near to one thousand four hundred calories, because it is the best amount of calories. Why? Because our body need it to work well, to be healthy, produce enough ingredients, which are necessary to live and work. It is also bad diet for people who still grow, because it will stop and break grow process, and it will be huge damage for whole organism and health. It is also not recommended for people who work physically, because they need more food (and calories of course) to have enough energy for everyday work. So people working as a professional cleaners, housemaids, people who practise sports should keep away from that kind of diets.